Start your social network in as little as one month!

Yes that’s right, choose the features you want and go live faster than you can even interview a team to hire.

Beautifully Simplistic

You do not have to be a programmer. Everything is already developed and can be managed from a simple control panel.¬†It’s built for everyone, and can be as simple or complex as you want.

Free Support & Updates

We truly care about our users and our end product. Our users love SocialCloud, and you will too. We host, perform all the upkeep and manage your backups to make your life that much easier.

Cost Effective

SocialCloud is the most cost effective option. Forget about paying programmers, hosting providers, database services, etc… It is all included with our monthly membership fee.

What is SocialCloud?

So you want to start your own social network or web platform to connect and communicate on a group level? Launching such a platform requires long development time, an experienced team, amazing project management skills to stay on track, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and contract work.

At socialcloud we developed the infrastructure to save you all that hassle and allow you to go from idea to launch in as little as one month. All you need is the passion to start your venture and we take care of the rest including tech development, customization, branding, hosting, backups and scalability.

Our Company Mission
How we do it?
How much does it cost?
registered members in our database
days to launch your first social network
thousand $ our cost to develop SocialCloud
percent cost savings compared to doing it from stratch

Amazing Features to Build Awesome Websites

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Account logs
  • Upload and share images, videos, audio and documents
  • Mobile compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Multiple layout options for web pages
  • Network recommendations and friend requests
  • Gamification and activity thread systems